Saturday, April 5, 2008

Elder Rasband Speaks

Elder Ronald Rasband spoke at this morning's General Conference session. Elder Rasband has ties to Oregon as a supervising seventy over the Northwest area. He spoke on blessings that have come to him through his service and specifically mentioned Puno, Peru. He told a story about a lake by Puno where, several years ago, he visited the few members of the Church. They had built their homes on a man made island and asked Elder Rasband to bless it.

I couldn't help but think of Sean, who will be serving in an area just north of there soon. He will have so many opportunities to serve and to bless, as he wanders through jungles, over mountains and along scenic rivers, all to find the people in Peru who have been prepared to listen to the restored gospel.

As exciting as all of this is, I am in awe and stand in humility at the grandness of this work. There are over 50,000 of these young men, women and couples all over the world, engaged in this same cause. They are in different countries, speaking different languages and have different experiences. But they all share the same purpose and serve the same Lord. So as much as this means to the Layton family, it is only a small drop in a large pool. Each of these missionaries have their own story to tell. Each is equally important. This is the Lord's work.

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