Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More on the Call...

No, your head is not leaning to the left. In this day of amazing technology, we still can't scan things in straight. Yesterday Sean forwarded the documents that came with his call to serve in Peru. This is the map of his mission territory (the shaded area). If you click the map you will be able to see it in a larger view.
At first glance you may not notice the fact that there are actually two geographic areas in the Peru Lima North Mission. The first is a segment of Lima itself. It shows up as the small "splotch" on the coast. But most of the territory is inland.
Look at the legend at the bottom. I estimated that from one point to another, his mission is nearly one thousand miles across. That's a huge geographical area for one mission. And it doesn't appear that it is due to a lack of members or growth. It simply appears that most of the mission is so remote. I could be wrong on that, but I'll have to wait for more information from Elder Layton in the months to come.
Here's an interesting fact. In the upper right hand corner of the mission is a city called "Iquitos". Iquitos has some 400,000 residents and sits in the middle of the jungle. What makes it unique however is that it is supposedly the largest city in the world not accessible by any roads. Access to the city is limited by plane or by boat. It's like a world within a world.

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