Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ohio Prophecy

Three years ago our family went to Ohio to visit the Layton clan East of the Rocky Mountains. It was in the middle of our Church History Trip. That was a great time! While we were there, Brysha had Chris and Sean pose under these signs. They were at a time in their lives when they knew they were serving and were preparing to serve, but the time seemed to be far off in the future.

Now Sean is only about three weeks from beginning his mission that will bring him to Lima, Peru, and Chris is close to being ready to submit his paperwork to receive his call.

I'm assuming that Elder Road heads South. Perhaps Brysha can confirm that for us. But it must head South since that's the closest path to Peru. But if that's true, where does Elder Lane (Chris) head? Canada? Michigan? Can you imagine if Chris went to Michigan and came home a Wolverine? Could the Ohio-Layton family survive that? Or would Steve be forced to reconcile Chris to his yellow and blue basement?

Well...it's probably going to be Canada for Chris. But in the event that he is called somewhere else, my disclaimer is simply that Elder Lane leads to another road somewhere!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Temple

As part of his preparation to serve the Lord on a full time mission, Sean went through the temple in Portland, Oregon on May 10th, 2008. He was prepared and it was great. The temple is the place where certain covenants and blessings are made and received that are eternal and magnificent. So of course it was a great day.

What made it even better was that we had family and friends there to share this event. Grandma and Grandpa Chiechi, Grandma and Grandpa Layton, Priesthood leaders, including the President Rau and Bishop Gardemann, and several good friends and ward members all attended. Unfortunately Grandpa Chiechi became very ill the morning of the endowment and was forced to spend a good part of the day in the hotel room. But we knew of his full support and love for Sean.

The temple has been the highlight of his preparation, but other things have been going on as well. There are Visas and Passports to obtain, medical checkups and shots, clothing to buy and a host of things to do to get ready. Sean's been busy. We've been busy. But this is an exciting and unforgettable time for Sean and for all of our family and friends. We are deeply grateful for the support and love that have been offered. It is a rich time in our lives.

Sean has also been called and is serving as a Ward Missionary. It is perfect preparation for him.

In about one month, we'll be leaving to return Sean to Provo...to a place only about two blocks from where he has been living for the past year. It is completely surreal. Our hearts are full.