Monday, July 21, 2008

Early Perspective of the Family

I want to add something here strictly from the perspective of a missionary's family. I've always heard that the Lord blesses the missionary AND his/her family. Recently, I had a friend of mine (who's son just returned) that during the time his son was gone, their family received more blessings than at any other time in their lives.

Now I'm not advocating that we send our sons and daughters out into the field and turn our gaze to heaven to watch the blessings fall. Rather, I just want to add my witness that the Lord blesses us when we do what we should be doing. That's even more true when it requires a certain level of personal sacrifice. Our God is very, very good to us in spite of ourselves.

Even though it's been less than one month since Elder Layton entered the field, I have personally seen very specific things come to our family. In fact, I recognize three specific and somewhat personal blessings that I believe have come to us as a result of Elder Layton's missionary service.

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