Monday, July 7, 2008

Hanging on Every Word...

We received a letter from Elder Layton today. Here's some of what he had to say:

Do you remember that first family we met when you dropped me off? Well, that Elder turned out to be my companion. His name's Elder Griffin. He's...strong in the Church, and he likes to talk with everyone. (Note that this is the Elder who's family is in the picture under the post, "Greenest Greenies in the Field".) The letter continues detailing things that he and his companion have in common (both love to play the piano and write songs).

The second missionary I met was named Elder Leonard and he's from England, but six months ago he moved to Mesa, Arizona (another favorable Mesa connection!!!).

I see Elder Rau every once in awhile but not often, he seems to be doing great.

The MTC is tough but I enjoy it. I don't think I've wasted a single minute since I've been here. We're always working. Basiccally it's like finals week at BYU, all the time.

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