Monday, July 21, 2008

The MTC Experience and the Big Deal

Excerpt from a letter from Elder Layton to Eric (younger brother)...

And no, I'm not mad that I'm not going down to Peru. (He was delayed at least one week - see previous post.) I get a companion that knows how to work hard so that's a blessing and plus I would be in the MTC down there anyway, it's no biggie. Prepare for your mission now. It's hard. (...great advice for anyone preparing for a mission!) thoughts of the MTC some 25 years ago were very similar and two-fold. One, that it was hard. Two, that it was incredible. I'm very happy that he enjoys being there, and that he recognizes that it's a challenge (it means he's doing what he's supposed to be doing).

Excerpts from the family letter...

The whole thing with Jose was awesome. I'll look for him.

Also, my new companion Elder Ridge totally looked at Landon Rich's blog all the time so we talk about him all the time. His mom already talked with Landon's mom, so of course Elder Ridge has a huge bottle of garlic pills. We both want to be companions with Landon Rich. He's a big deal.

It looks like Elder Rich may have a fan club. You can find the blog of Elder Rich here.

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