Monday, July 28, 2008

...On the Bright Side of Things...

I just got back from the temple. The MTC has been great even though we were delayed. It's happened to a ton of Peruvian Elders.

I'm still learning so much. Dad, you're right. The teachers here are amazing. We have 2 teachers for our district which is down to 7 people. We get more Elders today that are a little more advanced in Spanish to begin with, so we'll see how that goes. I've gotten really close with one of my teachers, Brother Hardy #2 (They're both named Brother Hardy, no relation). He's only been home 3 months and he loves our district so much. I'm doing great. It's so hard, but I'm having a ton of fun.

Note: Elders shown from left to right are: Elder Bradin (sp?), Elder Griffin (1st companion), Elder Munk, (unknown - writing was blurred -and if any of you missionary moms can identify, that would be great!), Elder Layton, Elder Briggs, Elder Harris, Elder Ridge (current companion).

Picture at right shows Elder Layton with his close friend, Elder Nathan Rau. Elder Rau is in the MTC right now, and is preparing to leave for Argentina in a few weeks.
Recently Elder Rau wrote to us and said this: I did not really get to see him much while he was here (Elder Rau thinks Elder Layton has already left for Peru), but I did see him enough to know that he is enjoying himself and his Spanish is coming along well, and that he loves the Gospel and this work.

As for me, I love it too. For some reason, I am just beginning to realize how much sense the Gospel makes! I'm so excited to take it to the people of Argentina.

We love Elder Rau! He's our adopted son. Argentina is about to get a great missionary.

Note that several more pictures have been posted, including the ones at the right. Click the link at the far right to access them.

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