Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Patiently Waiting, Growing in the Gospel and Having Fun

Hi Everyone!

I'm still at the provo mtc, and we have no idea when we're leaving. They'll probably tell us the night before we leave and they said it would be 1-3 weeks 1 week ago. Elder Sheets, my District leader, says it's because he's praying for continuing support from the Peruvian missionaries (Elder Ridge and I).

MTC life is as busy as ever. I love being here. We think of it as a bubble. We're in Provo Utah but we're completely cut off from the rest of the world which is nice. I often see the SWKT and my old heritage hall at BYU from our 3rd floor classroom so that's nice.

Today we recieved new missionaries! We totally mess with the new Spanish speaking Elders as we walk around the MTC, Elder Ridge and I, by talking really fast spanish to them, and so they have no idea what we're saying. In fact, we barely do. I think we're getting some new members in our district too. After Elder Griffin (my first companion) and Elder Briggs left we were left with 7 Elders which is a way small district. Hopefully we get some more today. I love my district. We're all super close and they're way awesome Elders that like to work hard and help each other.

Please send letters I would love to hear from you.

I heard Elder Ridge's (My Current Companion), and Elder Hyde's parents get to go to Landon Rich's house for a BBQ or something. That's just wrong. I'm sure I'll be companions with Elder Landon Rich (He's a big deal everybody) before Elder Ridge is.

The Church is True. I love it with all my heart!

Elder Layton

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