Friday, July 11, 2008

The Phone Call

Tonight the phone rang. I picked it up, checked caller ID to make sure it wasn't the DNC or something, and it read "Pay Phone" and had an 801 area code. That was just intriguing enough to make me want to answer it.

The voice said something to me like, "Buenas Noches...?como esta? I thought someone from the MTC was calling with an update. I answered in Spanish - don't even remember what I said. But then the voice said, "Dad, it's Sean". He sounded different speaking in Spanish. But it was great! He had been allowed to inform us that his departure date to Peru had been delayed...probably by one week, but it is still uncertain. The funny thing is that I had just commented (earlier today) to President Rau earlier how nice it would have been if he could have had another week or two Provo MTC experience. I'm sure Elder Layton's dissapointed, but the Provo MTC is a once in a lifetime experience. Other comments he made in the five minutes.

"I love getting everyone's letters."

"Five of us are leaving on time and the other five are delayed. My companion, Elder Griffin is going, so I'll be getting a new companion."

"I really like when I get letters from ." (Note: if you haven't tried it, give it a shot. It works very well, and it's a free service while in the Provo MTC. The Elders like it because they usually get the letters the very next day.)

"I'm working harder here than I have ever worked in my life."

He also mentioned that I have always been his favorite parent (okay, I admit - I just made that one up).

Great to talk to him, great to hear that he is doing very well. We don't sense at all that Elder Layton will be one of those Elders who struggles with homesickness (I suppose that's a good thing), but the truth is that he is just entirely wrapped up in doing what he is suppposed to be doing.

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