Monday, August 25, 2008

At Least It's a Dry Heat

This morning Brenda got the phone call from Elder Layton as he awaited his departing flight to Arizona. He didn't know the specifics but was excited to get going. They had a nice talk.

Then just a few hours later we received an email. He flew in on preparation day and it seems that the first order of business for the Elders who picked him up was to go email their families. And of course, he was able to email his.
Hola. ?Como Estan?'s pday today and we're at a small community college here to email. I wasn't just put in with another companionship, Elder Elison (An elder I knew from the MTC that traveled with me, we weren't in the same zone or anything) and I just split one up and so we both have companions. My companion's name is Elder Diaz and he's already taken me under his wing, he's my papa supposedly. I'll have to get pictures for you.

Elder Elison is also going to Lima North so we'll travel together again, hopefully soon. I'm ready to be in Peru. Elder Diaz speaks spanish and english, and I asked him to say some stuff in spanish when I got to the apartment and I didn't understand anything...oh man. Oh well, it will come with practice. The apartment's way nice. So much better than what I've been expecting from Peru and all. It's hot here, but I really like it. It's like vegas except...well, better (sorry extended family I love you).

If we get stuck here for a while I wouldn't mind it that much, mostly because we have a truck and a car for the six of us, and two stakes to go to work in. We're actually in a city called Good Year?... I have no idea where that is, but you can tell me. The missionaries probably made it up to mess with us who knows.
Anyway, we have to who knows where, I've only been in Arizona for a couple hours. I'm not even unpacked yet. I'm like a lost puppy.
Tomorrow will be great hopefully.

Let the fun begin.


hsjacobus said...

I don't always comment, but I do read.

I'm glad Sean was finally able to make a break from the MTC. Just getting out there probably feels good even if your not in the right place yet.

PS: Don it looks like your having way to much fun in bloggerland here:) I know the feeling!

Don Layton said...

Thanks Suelynn...we're pretty excited that he's out in the field now too. Jesse, Jacob, Nate and Logan are all out in the field and doing great. We're just happy Sean could finally get out there too.

As far as the blog is concerned, I am having some fun. This is my first attempt, and I think it's been fun because I'm involving myself on a very small level with Elder Layton's mission. Although I only spend a few minutes per post, the music has taken me more time than I thought it would. Other than that, it's really not bad at all with the great feature of "cut and paste".