Saturday, August 23, 2008

Final MTC Letter (we think)

Before getting to the latest email from Elder Layton, it is noteworthy to point out that this is probably the last letter we will receive from him while at the Provo MTC. Although he wasn't able to spend time in the Peruvian MTC as originally planned, we know that the experiences he has had in Provo are unique. We expect a phone call from him on Monday morning, before he departs to Arizona.

Even though his attitude has been upbeat, we know that on the inside he is extremely anxious to get to Peru, and that it must be very disappointing to get put on hold. And of course there are several missionaries who are in the same position right now. We previously mentioned that Elder Ridge was going to go to Tucson. Elder Hyde is going to be temporarily reassigned to Chicago. I believe that there are others as well. With that in mind, we include the following video for all of those missionaries who have been delayed recently. It's coming soon Elders.

Now, on to some excerpts from his latest letter...

Dearest People,

Normally they don't let missionaries email other than pday, but the District President made an exception thankfully. I'M GOING TO PHOENIX ARIZONA!!!

cool huh? only for several weeks at the most. The Travel Office said we'd have our visa's within two weeks for sure. I told Elder Ridge before I was reassigned that if I was to end up going somewhere else I would want it to be Arizona, and I also told him I was definitely going to Arizona... I'm not going to lie, it was suppossed to be a complete joke! For some reason I feel way good about going there.

Today, my teacher Hermano Hardy shared pictures and stories of his mission and gave us advice of how to be great missionaries. He's amazing... I hope to be like him one day. He's taught me almost too much. I feel like there's so much to do once I'm in the field, and so little time. It's crazy I'll be out there, in Arizona, on Monday. I miss you all.

(We are deeply indebted to Hermano Hardy and all of the instructors and others who have helped prepare Elder Layton for this incredible experience he is about to embark upon! Seriously, thank you Brother Hardy.)


* said...

WOW WOW WOW - LOVED the You Tube Video, I'm going to steal it (if you don't mind) and put on Elder Rich's blog. They were blessed to be able to go to the temple yesterday (it's been 5 months for Landon) - He was sooooo happy.

Thanks Laytons !!

- G. Rich
Morgan, UT

David said...

Sean... Good luck in Phoenix. I actually just got back from there this afternoon. It is a great place and the church is very strong. (Oh...and by the way, it is also very hot there...getting ready for Peru I guess huh... ) I hope your Visa comes through quickly. Good luck and our prayers are with you!!

David Layton
Your favorite Uncle of Course!!