Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More of the Same from Provo, Utah

How is everything back home? I just got back from the temple, and it was great.

After the temple we always eat the temple food because it's so amazing, compared to our normal stuff anyway. What I'm looking forward to most is the Peruvian food though. Grandma said that a Peruvian family sacrificed their household dog for the missionary's down there. I'm hoping they'll be as gracious for us.

The spanish is coming along very well. There's no way we'd be learning this much without the help of the Lord. It's like having all the spanish I had in middle school and high school compacted into one week.

Most of our Zone left this week to Mexico because the country's finally letting them in. Most of them had been here 13 weeks, and now we're the second oldest district in our zone. Also I found out the Elder Rau will be flying through Peru on his way to Argentina. I don't know how I feel about him visiting my country before me... I think I'm just ready to be in Peru already as I've been held back four weeks already. It's all good though.

They told us we find out on the 28th of this month where we're going, but we've actually heard a rumor about the 20th so who knows. I say "where we're going" because there's a chance we could be reassigned for six weeks just until they figure out what's up with the visa's, but I don't think that'll happen. We've been praying. We may just stay in the MTC a couple weeks longer if they know the visa'a are on their way.


Megan said...

you know the MTC food has to be bad when a dead dog sounds better! i sure hope sean gets down to peru soon. he sound so anxious! that is funny what he said about the missinaries leaving for mexico because jesse was just saying he has a bunch coming in soon.

Don Layton said...

Yes Megan, but dead dog is simply delish. Especially in a taco shell and served with rice and seasoned just so with cilantro. How can the MTC or even The Outback Steakhouse stand up to that?