Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Growing, Waiting, Joking and Even a Threat of Letter WithHolding

The Provo MTC is so great! They cram so many things into my head. I never actually thought that reading the scriptures would be exciting, but for some reason they are now. I'm almost through the Book of Mormon, and I want to read the New Testament after that.

During more than one of our family scripture studies, I knew this day would finally come. Hallelujah!

I think that I'm going to write a lot less after I'm in the field. Missionaries here have so many things to do and so little time. I barely can fit writing this into my schedule. Now I see why Jesse hasn't written anybody forever. It only means that he's working harder than I am right now. Jesse, Jacob, Logan, and Nate are all working hard. And I'm sure when Bryan gets our there he will be too ;).

Hmmmm...he thinks he's going to start writing "a lot less" after he arrives in Peru? So, naturally the question is this...are you allowed to un-hallelujah (threat of diminishing letters) after you've already hallelujahed (learning to love all things spiritual)? I'm not sure about that, but I bet a single letter from his mother will help set him straight.

So because of some regulation change that's why the visa process started so late. Elder Ridge and I will be here for 9 weeks for sure, and then we'll see from there. We may be reasigned* for a while until we get our visa's.

Whatever, It'll be an adventure. I'm hoping for Mesa Arizona a month or two ;) jk.

Elder Layton always has had more patience than I have had. It's no different now. I'm just chomping at the bit, ready for him to go. He's the one who's affected and is able to take it all in stride. This is definitley one of those times where the father needs to learn from the son.

Wherever he goes and whenever that is, we're just grateful that he has chosen to serve the Lord.

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hsjacobus said...

Very true. Way to go Elder! Though your letters may slacken, try to throw a line to all of the rest of us through your letters to your Mom, which I can tell your not going to forget about:)