Friday, August 29, 2008

Lima Peru North Mission - Next Stop

(We received a package day before yesterday with some items that Elder Layton didn't feel he could take with him. Included was this letter, which was not dated, but obviously was written before the last two that we most recently posted.)

Tomorrow morning Elder Ridge and I part ways, and same goes for my whole district. Elder Harris and I get on a bus and they take us to the Salt Lake Airport, where I go to Arizona, and he goes to Ventura, Ca. I really have no idea what I should expect, even after 9 weeks of training. Today was hard because it was the last time I saw Hardy Dos (He's my teacher, we have two teachers of the same name, no relation) and leaving my district is also very hard; we're great friends.

I don't feel ready, but there's no turning back time. I have few regrets about the MTC, I think it was a good transition for me to be honest and I worked so hard, but I have the most important part ahead of me.

I can't post Elder Layton's new address yet, because I don't know where Brenda put it. She's out of town, taking the Young Women on a three day wilderness hike in the Cascade Mountains somewhere. She returns tomorrow, and I'll do what I can to add it to the sidebar on the right.
Thank you all for supporting Elder Layton with your letters and prayers. Oh, and Angie, I love ya hon! This ones for you. MMMMMMMM, roasted Guinea Pig.


auntie_angie said...

My problem of what to fix for dinner is solved! Just a quick run down to the pet store. . . Now what goes well with Guinea Pig. Thanks, Don!

Don Layton said...

If you eat the whole thing (you know, innards and all) you probably don't need anything else with it. But I'm sure Elder Layton will be providing suggestions as his mission progresses. Just for you dear sister, I'll try and post a few of his ideas.