Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lima Peru North Mission Still Awaits Pending the Visa Approval

Yes, he's still in the MTC and no, we still don't know exactly when he will be sent to Peru. Elder Layton is still studying the gospel, the missionary discussions and Spanish. He is learning the articles of faith in Spanish right now.

Elder Layton had mentioned a couple of weeks back that he hadn't been feeling well. At the time, we didn't think much of it. Well, the rumor has it that he has bronchitis and didn't want us to worry. He's been to the doctor - or so the rumor goes. Great, so now when everything really is good, we'll worry, wondering what it is that he isn't telling us. Of course, when he actually gets to the Peruvian jungle, we should have nothing to worry about.

Last week the kids all got letters from their brother. Most of them were rather personal, but I would like to include a couple of brief comments he made, the first to Eric (in the picture at the right at the MTC with Elder Layton), and the second to Curtis (shown above, also with Elder Layton).

I want to tell you that I know how true the Church is. Do everything new to prepare... I really do miss you.

Curtis, you'll love the mission.

Short, sweet but very typical Elder Layton. We really are grateful for the example he is setting for his younger brothers.

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I've got one of those Elders too. The kind that doesn't want to worry mom and dad about anything :)

Take Care
- G. Rich