Sunday, August 31, 2008

Randomivity and Allovertheboardness

...picked this up from the Rich Mission site - viewed here -

"Refering to Elders Hyde, Ridge, & Layton, who are having visa problems. We need them down here. They will be good elders. If they come down by themselves to Peru, and come straight into the field, I will most likely go pick them up. That would be sweet!"

Elder Rich (shown at left with Gabo - the young man in Peru who is a recent convert and is preparing for his own mission in Argentina) is the missionary that some of the Elders had heard about in the MTC. He is now serving as the Secretary in the mission office. We're told that he may have some of the earliest information on the visa status of these Elders. Naturally we're watching carefully. It's not what, but who you know, right?

Ricky asked about Elder Layton's mailing address while in Arizona. You can find it located on the sidebar under "Missionaries Love Getting Your Letters!" Thank you all for your letters and support to Elder Layton.
The poll at the right is now closed. Andrea won - I suppose - depending on how you want to look at it. I reserve the right to comment on this at a later time (GRIN).

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