Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Two More Weeks!?!?

I'm loving the MTC more and more but honestly, when are they going to let us start talking to people??? Elder Ridge and I are so ready to get to Peru it's not even funny. We have had a room to ourselves ever since our companions left for Peru, but today we get two new missionaries!

Exciting....not really. haha, our room is smaller than all the others and it only has two desks instead of four so it'll be cramped once again, but we're looking forward to meeting them anyway.

The Temple was great this morning. We did sealing's today. Also, yesterday Elder Dallin H. Oaks came and spoke at the devotional, and we were able to get right up front, so that was cool. I was hoping to get a hand shake or something...but he left right when it was done. Oh well, his talk was great.

The travel office keeps saying we'll know that 28th, so that's what it looks like. I'll keep you posted. Most likely they'll give us a days notice before we leave :) That's just how they are. We've already seen two groups of Peruvian Elders come and go and there's another one here. If they leave before us that would be just awesome! ;) We're having good attitudes about the whole Provo thing. I miss you all. And I love hearing from you.

Update from Dad: I decided to call the travel office myself today to see what was happening. They really don't know much more than this...the Elders who are being delayed WILL (according to them) not be relocated - they are definitely going to the Peru Lima North Mission, but it will probably not be going for at least two more weeks. The delay is on the Peruvian side. It appears as if he will be definitely be finishing his MTC training in Provo.

It doesn't sound as if Elder Layton is compeltely aware of this yet, but he and the others are still having a great attitude. That's all that really matters at this point. Peru will come soon enough. Brenda and I are grateful that he can joke about it - as much as is obvious that he really wants to be down in the mission of his calling. Besides, if he had gone already, he would have missed Elder Oaks!


Gãbo said...

hi!!'s so good that Sean come here "to Peru"..........I hope know him soon!!........because I'll go to Argentina for my mission on november 14!.......have a great day Layton Family!!.....I know that Sean will have the best 2 years in his life!!.........mission is so GOOD :D......I'm serving a mini-mission; I'm being a missionary for 2 weeks!.....bye!!!

Don Layton said...

Hi Gabo! Thanks for stopping by again. I too hope that Elder Layton can meet you before you leave. We wish you the very best!