Saturday, September 13, 2008


There are rumors of several missionaries who are waiting on visas for Peru. Word is that quite a few were approved recently. We're planning on checking with the travel office on Monday, and will let you know (via the blog of course) as soon as we do. Of course, Monday is also when we expect to hear from Elder Layton.

So, the anticipation continues, at least for a couple more days...

In the meantime, did anyone else see that BYU-UCLA football game? BYU beat 'em 59-0!!! In fact, it was UCLAs worst loss since 1929. Is UCLA really that bad, or is BYU really that good? UCLA just beat Tennessee! A bit off topic, I know, but I can tie it in (if I really try) since Elder Layton was at BYU recently as a student - AND we have pics of him as a missionary with LaVell Edwards stadium in the background. That qualifies this observation as "blog worthy".

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Ricky said...

Uncle Don! This is the Lord's University! Of COURSE we are THAT good!