Monday, September 1, 2008

First Report from Arizona

ARIZONA is just Great! It's been so busy I don't even remember everything we've done in the past week... or maybe it's just my bad memory. I don't know. Elder Diaz and Elder Aguilera told me that I was meant for this mission, and I kind of feel the same way. I really don't want to leave this place. Elder Diaz is a great papa. At first I thought I was going to have to kick them in the back of the feet to get working, but I guess that was only because I came in during P-day. Tuesday came and I almost wished it was Pday again...jaja. Seriously though, these Mexicans know how to work.

Basically since Elder Elison and I split up Elder Diaz and Aguilera we trade off different areas each week so we have to work together. Elder Diaz was from Phoenix orignally but moved to Michigan where he's been living since.

He has a twin brother and they both were called to Arizona. His brother's in Mesa. ;)
I have so much to learn... Elder Diaz knows way too much, for serious. I've already made friends in and out of the ward. On Saturday we had an activity where we took all the little kids around the Church and they went to different rooms like they were missionaries. They all had little future missionary tags on :) One of the doors was called: La Familia Grunion...The grumpy family. They rejected the kids and told them that they weren't interested. It was so great. The kids loved it so much they didn't want to stop being little missionaries, and the ward had food for everyone after.

Anyway, I'm keeping busy, and I hope I can be here as long as I can. Oh yeah, yesterday they had me bear my testimony in the Spanish branch, that was interesting... I love you all.

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GDR said...

This doesn't surprise me at all - the fact that he feels like he belongs, and doesn't want to leave. These young men and the spirit they possess - simply amazing.

- G. Rich Morgan, Utah