Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Heading South For the Winter

It's finally time...
We got the phone call tonight. Elder Layton called to inform us that he had received his notice that he leaves for Peru tomorrow morning. His plane departs at 10:40 A.M. He wasn't even sure yet where his connecting flight would be.
It was so SWEET to be able to speak with him. Our love has grown for him, and we can tell that his has for us. A mission is, without a doubt, the best thing that can happen in the life of a young man. He was a great kid before. We're already seeing him develop into a man of God.

But the time has finally arrived. Elder Layton will be in Lima, Peru tomorrow. He's definitely excited and so are we. It feels like now he will finally be doing what he was called to do.


GDR said...

Great News !!

I'm looking forward to our sons meeting! I bet it was a little hard for him to leave AZ though. It's amazing how quickly they attach and learn to love the people they are serving. I'm looking for a picture of Elder Rich and Elder Layton ! I've given Landon instructions to take one FAST :)

Gwen Rich

Don Layton said...

When we spoke last night, it was clear that he is very excited to get to Peru (who wouldn't be?). At the very moment I am writing this, he is probably just arriving at the airport. I'll bet he has a smile on his face right now. Thanks for the interest in this Elder.

Not to get too philisophical here, but the one thing I've been impressed with over and over again is that Elder Layton is one of many...nearly 60,000 young men. When I think of 60,000 Elder Layton's or Elder Rich's, it is almost overwhelming what the Lord has done.