Monday, September 29, 2008

Jacob Shall Flourish in the Wilderness

Oh man, I'm loving Peru. I'm not really suppossed to tell you because you might worry, but I've been really sick this past week but I'm better now. It only lasted a couple days but they say it's normal and I might get sick another time - that's it.

It's good to be moving again though you have no idea. We do so much here - its the best. We committed another family to baptism this week, a golden family. They have kids and grandchildren all living with them. Awesome. People here ask us to visit them when we're walking, so we've just got in the habit to talking to pretty much every person we pass.

Hmmm... oh yeah, kind´ve a funny story... I'm really tall here no doubt, and the showers are heated by electricity. I accidently touched my head on the shower and got shocked. The same day I hit my head on a covering over the sidewalk. It came out of nowhere and of course I felt like an idiot.
(I borrowed the picture of the shower heater at the right from Elder Rau's (a friend of Elder Layton) blog. We still don't have actual pictures from Peru yet. I'm assuming that Elder Layton's shower heater is fairly similar to this one. Knowing President Rau, he's probably going to want some kind of royalties now.)

Peru is fun, but different than I thought. Of course I'm not in the jungle right now but I never see the sun and its dusty all the time, so we come home and fall asleep all dirty. They said we'll get used to it. It's really a great place. '

My studies are going good. Elder Kay moved in, another boy representing the states and he's been helping me out with the lessons in Spanish.
I gave my first first lesson to the family we're baptising on the 11th. Were also baptising a lady this Sunday after conference, normally we´d do it Saturday but that's when the priesthood session is. If I have to do it I'm going to have to get moving on learning the prayer. freak! Anyway, how are things going with everyone? Well, the missionary work is great. I know the church is true everyone! Love, Elder Layton

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