Saturday, September 20, 2008

Peru Is Awesome

Since missionaries are only allowed limited time to send and receive emails to and from their immediate families only, we very much appreciate the time that both Elder and Sister Rich took to provide us with this information about Elder Layton.

Yesterday we picked up Elder Layton at the airport in the morning. Elder Layton just chilled with us all day, slept with us here in the offices, and it was so interesting to see someone right out of the states come to Peru and just be AWWWed at Peru. He was tired though, he slept from 10 in the morning until like 6 in the afternoon. A good little nap. Then we went to dinner, it was good, his first Peruvian meal!!! I will tell you one thing, I’m sooooooo glad I’m not new anymore… I would like to be in his shoes again, BUT with the things I know now and being able to speak Spanish. He is in the field with his comp, and I bet just lovin’ life…. He will be a good missionary.

The green text is in recognition of the greenest missionary in Peru. Elder Layton had been traveling from early Wednesday morning through Thursday morning. We expect to hear more from him on Monday.

(Update: I had a question about Elder Rich. He is a missionary, currently serving as secretary in the Peru Lima North Mission. Brenda corresponds with a few of the missionary moms of Elders in that mission through an email group.)

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hsjacobus said...

I'm so glad he finally got to go there. Congratulations on getting your visa Elder!