Monday, September 15, 2008

VISA IS APPROVED!!! (so the rumor goes)

On Friday we heard that another Elder headed to the Peru Lima North Mission had his visa approved. So today I called the MTC travel office and found out that Elder Layton was in the group that had their visas approved. Exciting stuff. So we're hopeful that he will be headed to Lima sometime later this week.

I knew that today was preparation day, and that we would likely be getting an email later. So I got an email off to him, thinking that he had probably not heard anything yet. Here's his reply.

That's so crazy my visa's approved... I figured it was about time though. I'm really not ready to leave
because things have just started getting really good. I'm sorry I've written so little. I'm sure it will get easier for me but so far it's been really busy learning the ropes out here. We committed a girl to baptism yesterday and our goal right now is 30 lessons a week... but so far it's been tough getting that many. We have been doing about 3 or 4 a day and of course we visit as many less-active families as we can. There are so many and a lot of them just need a push.

President Beck, our mission President just talked with us last night at a mission conference, who just met with Elder Hales in the temple, and we're making a plan to work a lot better with the Bishops/Stake President/Mission Leaders. So far it seems like we really don't talk with them a lot so I know it could use improvement.

Hmmm... other than that though, we've all been really sick. I was only kind've out a couple days but of course we did stuff anyway. Elder Diaz was the worst.. he had the flu/fever/cold...kind've everything haha, and then the other Elders in my apartment have just started to get better, so I've had a little extra study time. Of course it didn't really affect the work that much... we went on a bunch of splits so that was good.

That's insane that Bryan's already getting ready to leave! FREAK. Bryan, if you're reading this - I love you man, you'll be a great missionary! I wish I could have been at the farewell. (see Bryan's blog link at the right)

I love sharing the gospel. It's so true, and I'm reassured of that all the time. I've watched the 20 minute restoration video a bunch of times out here so far, but the last time was the best. I felt the spirit so strong and I know our investigators did too. I love it...

Spanish is going okay. A lot of people speak English so it's hard, and Elder Diaz prefers speaking English most of the time... so that's a little tough. I think that'll be a + for being in Peru, I'm sure we'll be there soon!

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