Thursday, October 23, 2008

Peru Lima North Mission

This was sent to us through an independent and nameless source (thanks Andrea). We're fairly sure it is the Puente Piedra zone.

And this one is of two of the Elders in Elder Layton's zone who did not get the memo to NOT LOOK THE DOGS IN THE EYES (see previous post of October 14th)! Read the memo Elders, read the memo!

Finally, those of you who know Ricky Pullan probably already know this, but he will be receiving his call anyday. It's customary for friends and family to take wild stabs at where missionaries are going to go to, so here's my guess. It's either going to be to the Southern US (or some other place in the States - or Canada), Asia somewhere, Europe or South America. I'm also leaving open the possibility of either Africa or somewhere else. I will definitely go on the record that he will NOT be going to Antarctica, Communist China, Iran or the moon. I'm willing to go out on the limb like this. That's just how I am. Feel free to leave your guesses here in the comments section, but you cannot take any of the areas I have already covered.


Andy said...

He is holding up 3 fingers because this is when he had been out 3 months. This picture makes me happy.

Umm I think the guy up front on the right looks a little too old to be a missionary.

Don Layton said...

My first companion in the MTC was almost 25 when he left on his mission - at least, that's my memory. At the time, that seemed REALLY old to me. But he was sure a good Elder.

You know Ricky. I didn't see your guess here Andrea. Don't take any of the places I have dibbed, but feel free to take any of the others.

Andy said...

I don't like to guess. But if I did like to guess I would choose Cape Town South Africa. You better write that one down.

Don Layton said...

Sorry - South Africa would be included in "Africa" which I already clearly claimed. It's documented. Would you care for Afghanisatan? Of course, that would be inlcuded in the "somewhere else" category, but I'll be generous and give that one up.

Andy said...

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that I completely disregarded all of your so called guesses, that is cheating.