Monday, November 10, 2008

The Mission is Easy When You Stop Caring About How Hard It Is

Buenos Dias!

Oh man this week was full of a lot of ups and downs.... I was able to baptize another lady on Saturday. She was golden. Just like Ibis, she flew through the lessons and everything. She has a personality that reminds me of Sister Rau, and she has two little kids (she doesn't have a husband) so of course everyone in the ward loves her. We had a good turnout at the baptism which was really good to see. At the baptism she bore her testimony and said that when we started teaching the lessons she felt so good inside, and that was the Lord telling her that this was right. That´s why we didn't have to do anything.

We had some baptism dates drop this week again which was sad to see. The biggest problem still is people needing to get married. We have so many people that believe what we say but aren't willing to change that part of their life. We´re hoping that we can help them get married on the sixth.

Sorry I can't write that much today. I love you all. I'll try to send letters as soon as I can. Eric I'm proud of you, that you're keeping busy with band. Tell Judd I say hi and work harder. Briana I love you. What college are you aplying for? Curtis... your fort sounds cool. Yeah, every Peruvian here came up to me and told me the next president was Barack Obama. I asked them why everyone was concerned about that, and it´s cause USA is powerful and stuff. It was just an eyeopener because I never worried about who would be the next Peruvian president. The United States is a big deal.

The mission is easy when you stop caring about how hard it is, and how much you have to give. I love it. The mission means everything to me....I'll probably say that a thousand times. I love you guys!


Elder Layton

PS I found if you just pretend like you're picking up a rock, all the dogs will run away. It´s the best strategy.


Andy said...

I bet the dogs just see him as unable to defend himself and an easy meal. haha

Don Layton said...

The funny thing is that I had the exact same experience while I served in Mexico. If you lean over and pick up a rock, or just act like you are picking one up, they scatter.

That would be a 6'1" sub sandwich for a dog - quite a meal.

Gin said...

the title of this one, the quote, made me really think. it makes me appreciate the things those men go through a little more and how much they come to love it and what they have to do

Don Layton said...

Hi Gin, I agree with you. As I read his letter, that sentence hit me and that's why I used it for the title. But I applied it to myself rather than to him as a missionary. In other words, "Life is easy when you stop caring about how hard it is." That's so true. It's like the people of Alma in the Book of Mormon who were in bondage to the Lamanites/ Amulonites and the Lord eased their burdens. (See Mosiah 23-25). Now, more than ever, we all just need to trust Him and let our lives be governed my His will. I love that thought and know it to be a reality.

Andy said...

Ginger thank you for calling Sean a man. Haha