Friday, December 12, 2008

Lots of Pictures!!!

We received a CD full of pictures a few days ago. It was like getting Christmas three weeks early. Really it was. We had to do some detective work to determine which ones happened where, and who was who, and so on. Hopefully we got most, or all of them right.

Below is a picture of the plane that Elder Layton took to fly from Lima to Pucallpa, his current area.

This one would be of Elders Layton and Paz (current companion) getting a ride in Pucallpa. Everything looks very colorful, don't you think?

That is a very cool taxi system they have there...

We know of problems he had in Ventanilla with the fleas. The jungle is full of crawling, multi-legged things. Many of them are very different than anything he has seen in the States.

At least he's eating good. This was a meal of potatoes and fried monkey brains.

Gotcha, didn't we? As far as we know, there were no monkeys harmed in the preparation of this meal.
These are a few of the pictures we received. I'll be posting others occasionally ,but you can view them now if you want. Most of them are labled. Simply click on the "Mission Pictures" link towards the top of the right sidebar to access them.


hsjacobus said...

Okay Wade wants to know what kind of lizard that is and also the actual size of that flea. He's been studying lizards at school and caught a couple himself this summer.

Andy said...

It is a salamander. He said they are all over the walls of their house, inside and out.

Don Layton said...

Hi Wade -

Those were some great questions. I saw your question this morning, just before I emailed Elder Layton, so I asked him about the bug (Andrea had already answered the question about the salamander.)

His answer (see the December 15th post) was that it was "probably an inch and a half". I'm not sure if it is a beetle or a flea, but whatever it is, that's one really big bug.

hsjacobus said...

Thanks. I'll pass all this along to the little guy;)