Monday, January 19, 2009

Beder's Baptism

Dearest Famila,

We baptized a boy named Beder (8 years old) on Saturday. Awesome!!! It could have gone better. We started late because we didn´t have another witness....but other than that it was great. We sang and I bore my testimony at the end to Beder´s parents, both non-members, that the Church was true and that Beder´s decision would change his life. We´re going to baptize his parents now.

Elders Layton and Hoton. I lifted the pictures from this post from Elder Rhoton's family site. Hopefully, they won't want them back. They fit right in here.

A Beautiful Peruvian sunset in Pucallpa.
This week has been crazy. The Zone Leaders are preparing a wedding for the 31st now because they missed a appt. With the municipalidad. people not married here is a problem so my comp and I are working right now to marry 9 people.

It´s crazy how the Lord´s helping us too. A couple days ago the stake president told us we can get financial help for the people to get married, which has always been the main problem for the people. They need to get a physical from a doctor and go to a notary. The great thing is our stake president told us members in the stake can help us out with those two things too. !!!!!!!

Btw, Those boots aren´t boots here because they´re not up to my knees. Yesterday....funny story, we were running between appointments, and it was dark out, dogs were chasing us, and I didn´t see a mud hole. The first step from foot came out of my shoe, the second step the other, so I was standing there in the mud in my socks...... people were laughing, but we got two great contacts out of it.

One of the streets of Pucallpa.

We randomly contacted an older couple the other day, bore our testimony´s and they came to church!!!! Oh man, I was so excited. That almost never happens. The Lord is really helping us.


Elder Layton


Sadie said...

We are glad you used the pictures - I have been checking Elder Layton's blog for a while now it is so fun. They look like they had a Merry Christmas! Robyn Rhoton

Don Layton said...

Thanks for posting those pictures. I should mention that your website can be found at

I'm going to include your link on my sidebar. Thanks again for the pictures. I have to say, you are probably the most talented and well-spoken dog I have ever encountered. Someone needs a doggie treat.

Ricky said...

Hey! Sorry it took forever to respond! You and Sean were way ahead of us when it comes to setting up a blog... I don't exactly know what my parents are planning on doing with it. I'll let them figure it out I guess :). We still have to get a farewell (but not farewell) date set too. And I leave March 11! It's getting close!!!