Monday, February 23, 2009

I Gave It a Good Kick Just Like in the Movies

This week had it's ups and downs. Like always.... I really enjoyed my letters from everyone. Thanks!

Sooo, we were teaching a lesson when a lady screamed. We had to stop everything we were doing because there was a house next to us with black smoke pouring out the windows. Nobody was home and all the doors were locked. The little Peruvians couldn't break down the door so I gave it a good kick, just like in the movies, and nothing happened. About the 5th kick, haha, finally the door gave way and my compi and I put out a small fire in the kitchen. That was kind've a crazy experience. Uncle David would be proud. But because of that I was thinking about two experiences in my life when I had the opportunity to save somebody.

The first one my mom knows about. We were at a park next to a river. There was a girl drowning and I didn't do anything. (Brenda said that the girl wasn't in any immediate danger, but it was a potentially bad situation.) Luckily the rock that pinned her to the river floor came loose and she was just fine. The same thing happened here in Pucallpa when we passed in a motocar right after an accident. It had just happened and there were other people all around so I didn't stop our driver. I felt horrible after though...because I didn't know if any of those people knew how to give the proper treatment. After that I promised my Heavenly Father that I'd never pass up another opportunity to save someone.

Of course I've thought how it applies to my mission. More important than saving someone from dying is giving them salvation. I think that promise was directly related to my mission. I never thought how the atonement, and the gospel, save people. But it's literal. It's real. NEVER EVER give up a chance to share the gospel. NEVER pass up an opportunity to save someone, because of embarrassment, shame, fear........ I've done it before and I've felt the pains that only come from the devil.

We had a lot of baptism dates fall this week because our investigators didn't all attend church. Kind've sad. But I have hope cause we have a lot of new investigators and between my companion and I we're making better lesson plans and following the mission plan. It's hard but nothing's impossible.

Elder Rich is doing great as our Zone leader. He's never done it before but of course his time in the offices gave him a ton of experience. I'm sorry I can't write more.


Elder Layton


ginger said...

I didn't know Sean that well before he left, but we were friends I'd say. It's interesting, though, to have watched the progression of his letters and see how much of a man he's becoming. Does that make sense?

Don Layton said...

Hi Ginger,

Thanks for stopping by. We'd have to agree with you that he's really changing - he's growing up. It's nothing that doesn't happen to most of the missionaries who serve for the right reasons. But it's sure good to see. (...and to answer your question, yes, it makes perfect sense.)

GDR said...

Loved his take on the "saving". I just love everything our sons are learning. We are truly blessed.