Monday, March 2, 2009

The Story (And Baptism) of Zulma Llerena Llerena

(Briana just showed us this picture that Andrea had posted on facebook. What we can't get over is...well, is this really the same kid that went to the Doctor's office and the Nurse asked, "Is he always this pale?")

This week went great. We had one baptism. Remember Zulma? We baptized her son a while back. Well, she finally committed to having an interview on Friday, and I had the chance to baptize her on Saturday and Sunday. (So does that count as two baptisms? We're thinking he baptized her Saturday and confirmed her on Sunday.)

The first time I visited Zulma was with Elder Paz. We visited her because she was in the old investigators section and her daughter was inactive. Ever since then we've been working with them.

The missionaries have visited her for about a year now, so she knows her stuff. She has a huge testimony, but when we committed her to be baptized she turned it down every time, even though she told us she knew the church was true. About a month ago we had a interview with her and she didn't we set a goal for 28 de Feb and didn't visit her for almost a month. After that we came back, asked if she was ready to get baptized, and there we go. The story of Zulma Llerena Llerena. She's a super mom cause she has two kids and her husband left, and she's going to make a great member.

Her baptism was funny..... we had it with another ward that had four baptisms. We were just about to start and the lights went out. YEAH! So I had a flashlight handy and we found a couple candles. Luckily for us we continued with the baptism by candlelight, and everything was perfect and of course right after the closing prayer the lights went back on....

Yeah, I knew Chelsea was getting married! I received a normal letter from her but she signed it – Chelsea Brynn or something like that. Haha, I was like- is that her middle name or is she engaged? Most the BYU girls fall fast haha, congrats Chels! ;) I have letters from Nathan and Jacob, and I've written one but I'm waiting to write more so I can send them home in one big package cause I have so many people to write.

Everyone, I want to leave a thought with you. I think I've talked about this before but it's something I've been working on for my investigators. Every great person in history started with one thing super important...their thoughts. If we think we can do something, good or bad, we can do it. The Lord wants His children to put all of their mind into his work. Even if we have distractions in our lives. Of course there aren't many distractions in the mission, but outside there are tons. I would invite everyone to put their thoughts in our real purpose. In finding happiness and in what we can accomplish. Like my AP Elder Herschi always says, "Impossible is nothing".

I love you alls!!!

Elder Layton


Chelsea said...

its true i am engaged. although brynn is my middle name not my new last name. haha Thanks for keeping the blog updated all the time. I love it!

Don Layton said...

Hi Chelsea,

That was quick. We just barely published the letter and BOOM! You responded that quickly.

Contratulations. Whoever the guy is - is definitely one very lucky man. We miss you and your family.

Andy said...

haha No it was me that told Chelsea. I check all morning long to read the post and I conveniently informed Chelsea.

haha so really I am the freak that reads the blog probably every day.

Chelsea said...

are you kidding though...really I check this blog every single day! I love being caught up with Sean's letters and stuff. But it was so convenient of Andrea to tell me.

We miss Bend thats for sure, we'll have a reception there too, In september. I hope you guys can come

Don Layton said...

I read and reread the thought by Sean...about the fact that each of us have the ability to control and direct our thoughts. And we often think of our thoughts in terms of morality and the need to be morally clean - and of course that's very important to do. But as I read his letter again, I realized that this was a very timely message.

In the difficult times we live in, there is doom and gloom all around us. This polititian or that expert is always telling us why we have so much to be worried about.

What did the Lord say about it? He said, "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear". This is more than offering up words of comfort. We are commanded to prepare and not to fear.

We can control our thoughts and to some degree the circumstances we find ourselves under. Beyond that, we should not be afraid, even in difficult times.