Monday, April 6, 2009

He's Your Savior, The Son of God

Dearest Family and Friends and Anybody else Reading this,

How's it going amigos? I loved hearing from a lot of you. My package absolutely rocked by the way. Thank you Lacey/Costello Family! I think Kelsey's letter won the contest of making me laugh the most. Great STUFF!!! The cookies exploded but everything else came in perfect condition. Thank yous. Andrea, thank you! The ipod came and I'm really happy about it….the only thing is that my charger is in Lima with my other suitcase...poochikana!! Well, today I'm going to go find one after we go to the Zoo!!! I'll take pics.

This week has been good. My new companion Elder Hernandez is awesome, and I'm excited to be working in this area. We had the chance to see all of conference in the church. We had several investigadores that were really impressed by it as well. I just have to say that I liked Jeffery R. Hollands talk the best…. It was really serious, but that´s how all his talks are. He takes his work extremely seriously. I felt the spirit a ton, and enjoyed it the most I think because I've been reading Jesus the Christ. Jesus Christ really is the Savior of the entire world. For the people that don't believe in doesn't matter. He's your Savior, the Son of God, and because of him all mankind is saved. For those that believe, are we really following His commandments?

I really enjoyed the part in Jesus the Christ when Talmage talked about the temptations of Christ. Jesus was able to sin. But every temptation that Satan gave him, he overcame. If we could only have the faith and the strength to overcome every temptation. Some of us overcome sin without realizing it. On the other hand, some of us sin without realizing it. If we really just focus on why we're here it's not impossible to live the gospel.

Yeah…. What happened this week? Our neighbor Mariela gave us suri (picture at left - yes, they're big fat juicy worms, or grubs), just like I asked for. She's great! We're baptizing her on the 11th with her daughter Patricia. But anyway, I ate six of em. I did feel like Timon and Pumba a little…

I really miss all of you. Thank you so much for all the letter!!! Keep 'em coming. Only Elder Griffin's in my Zone. He's doing well….sitting next to me right now, eating sunflower seeds. Thanks to whoever sent those. I've been taking advantage of the gift as well.

Bueno….I'm out of time. Remember read the scriptures every day. Pray always. For those of you who find it hard to believe in Christ, look around, and you'll know God exists. You'll come to understand the reasons Our Heavenly Father had to give us His son Jesus Christ to redeem the sins of the world. I'm more convinced everyday that perfection is not impossible. Impossible is nothing.


Elder Sean Layton

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