Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Deja Vu All Over Again

Gwen Rich received pictures from her son Landon a few days back. She forwarded on some of the pictures with Sean in them. THANKS SISTER RICH!!
The letter today was great. It's posted below.
All LDS missionaries perform regular service. Shown below are Elders Rojas, Layton, an unknown Elder, and Elder Rich.

Elders Rich and Layton

The Pucallpa Zone

Elders Rojas and Layton in Pucallpa

This was a skit put on by the missionaries in Pucallpa. We don't know what it was for or why the missionaries were involved, but it looks like they had fun.

Elders Layton and Rich

Dearest Family and Friends,
This week was great!!! It was a little out of the ordinary cause I had an emergency change and now I'm back in Lima. I don't care. It's the same work and I'm eager to get to my new area. I say new area cause right now I'm in the same Puente Piedra that I started in. The same pension, Hermana Silvia, and I loving it. I'll be leaving here at the change almost for sure so I'll let you know.

I had the best experience ever. When I think of Puente Piedra the first family that pops to my mind is familia Romani. They were a family Elder Acevedo and I found about a week before I left here. They came to church but I never knew what happened to them. Thursday was my first day here from the Jungle, and we were walking by the church. There was a group of members getting ready to go to the temple. They were part of the members going to the temple!!!!!! That is happiness. I gave hermano a hug, and he was pretty excited to see me since I was the one to start teaching him. I guess the missionaries after followed up and they got baptized really quick. I can't really describe it. It was just the best reunion ever.

At church I bumped into all the first members I got to know. They gave me a hard time because they all remembered how I barely spoke anything when I was there the first time. It's weird now cause I can get to know them better. I saw some members I knew from Pucallpa. The nieces of Leyder and Romi that we married and baptized go to church here. It was cool.

My companion for the couple weeks I'm here is named Elder Gomez. He ends in November so he has a lot of time. Just to let everyone know I've never been happier. We're working hard and working with references so we might even get some more baptisms before I leave (We baptized 3 this week). I don't really miss the jungle. I mean, the air's a little better over there but we do the same stuff.

I was able to make a CD finally and I'm sending it out today for sure. That's the awesome thing about Lima. Things aren't ridiculously expensive. I can send letters again!!!! Well keep writing. I love you all very much. Keep reading the scriptures, praying, and growing!

Peace, Elder Layton


Andy said...

Aqua-Tots! That is my swim school. haha

Don Layton said...

Hi Andy - It's good hearing from you. I hope everything is good for you and your family. Sean's doing really well. We had a great chat with him yesterday and he loves his mission. He's really becoming what the Lord wants him to become.

Anonymous said...

hola,layton,eres muy divertido ,me encantas,cuando termines tu mision ,quiero conocerte ,claro cuando termines tu mision,no vayes a pensaar que soy una chica loca,nonada de eso ,soy una chica de su casa ,soy timida,no voy a negar mas,me enamore de ti, lo siento,yo estoy esperando que termines tu mision ,bueno si no me amas ,nose que sera de mi,bueno qiuero llegar aser tu amiga