Monday, May 18, 2009

I Do Miss You All But In a Good Way

Buenos Dias!

The investigators are doing great!!! We only had 4 people come to church….BUT, there is a possibility of baptizing up to 8 people on the 30th of May. Well see. We found several young men that flat out said they want to get baptized, but they didn't go to church, nor do they have past attendances so they’ll be for June. 505 for the mission in May though. We have to do it.

One of the youth we found is named Josmel. He was a reference, 18 years old, and has the craziest questions. He asked us what we thought about aliens and phantoms. He asked how Noah could fit all those animals on his boat. I told him the most important thing is to first ponder the questions of life. Why are we here? Why do we need to live the gospel? Questions like that. I showed him a few scriptures. After explaining all that, he asked, what do guys believe about cloning? Ugh... he's great though. He listens, reads, and is progressing.

So far we've kind of gotten to know the members. The thing is we haven't received much help. It's the most important thing for the members of the ward to work closely with the missionaries and vice versa. We're working on it. Before we came in there wasn't really any plan for the missionary work in the ward. I'd love to start our just getting references and having members accompany us. But of course the work goes on, no matter what. We have 5 baptism dates for the 30th. This week were already working for June!

Everyone, thanks for reading the blog if you do. Every Monday morning I feel overwhelmed with thanks just from what my parents tell me and how well everyone's doing. I do miss you all, but in a good way. It keeps me working hard.

Actually since I'm on that topic I'd just like to say something about hard work. Christ told us that we must take up our own cross. Elder Holland proclaimed that salvation is NOT a cheap experience. The Prophets and saints in every period of time have made huge sacrifices for the work of the Lord, and for battle of good verses evil. Elder Talmage wrote in Jesus the Christ that the Lord requires our ALL! Why do we even give thanks? Do we realize that God has given us everything? And that it is His whole work to give us more? Don’t waste time. Do all that you can.
I was thinking the other day about what a returned missionary once taught. The stake council asked him something like this: "What's the one thing missionaries in the field lack the most?" He told them it was a good work ethic. For the most part its true. There are some missionaries who have the desires and the testimony to preach the gospel, but aren't willing to give it everything. I've been through it. I wish I knew how to work hard before my mission, and didn't have to learn it ON the mission. (Mom and Dad think he's being just a bit too hard on himself.)

Well….that's about it I think. Nothing crazy happened. I'm happy. Keep Writing!

In a separate quick note to mom, Elder Layton responded to our question about any lingering effects of Dengue. He wrote:

" get Dengue from the mosquitos in the jungle. Hermana Perez sent me straight to Lima because the second time you get it, it's a lot worse I guess. There's really barely any risk of anything serious happening but it's a rule. People have died from Dengue in the past. I hope that answers your question. I'm not bummed at all. Lima's the best."


ginger said...

Brother Layton,

Would you please pass on my thanks to Sean? He may not even remember who I am which is fine (I'm a friend of Marci's, Jaimie's, etc and built a snowman with him once if that would help). Anyway, I really love to read this blog every Monday. It's inspiring to hear from such a strong missionary every week and often some of the things he says are things that help me through my week. Though I never knew him well, it is easy to tell how much he's grown already. Just pass along the message if you don't mind.

Ginger Budd

Don Layton said...

Hi Ginger,

Of course I'll pass on your comments to Sean, but you really ought to drop him a letter as well. Tell him I insisted. He loves to get letters from friends and family. When I was on my mission, some of the best letters I got were from people I was the most surprised to hear from. If you knew him at the "Y", I'm sure he remembers you. He'd love to hear from you.

Don Layton

Jak said...

Hello my name is James Moore and I was recently called to serve in the Peru Lima north mission. I have some questions for Elder Layton's parents. If you could pass your email on to me at I would greatly appreciate it. Look forward to talking to you.

James Moore