Monday, May 25, 2009

Life Decisions

Hey Mom, Dad, Nana, Eric, and Curtis and anyone reading this...

This Week was fun! We worked hard. We've been having a hard time getting people to church. We literally have to drag them out of their houses…. But the investigators are doing well. We have a family that will get married on the 20th of June. A new family came to church yesterday Dante, Aide, and their daughter. The great thing is they're already married. They went to church one time before but their schedule is crazy and we got permission to teach them at 9 at night because it's the only time they have, so we'll see what happens!

Earlier this week we had interviews with President Perez. He's a great president. He always gives me scriptures to memorize or read. He gave me a scripture way different than normal this week. It's Doctrina y Convenios 128:15...I learned a lot.

So before I talk about the mission something kind of funny happened this week. I have a stalker. We were teaching a girl named Jenela a lesson three days ago and when we left, her dog Shadow followed us. We went to dinner 20 minutes away, and the dog was still with us. At our Pension's house there's a girl dog named Buddy and I jokingly told my companion that Shadow and Buddy could be novios. After dinner we walked to our room and Shadow followed. The next morning we were eating in our pension again and I looked out the door. You can probably guess…. He was outside, with his friend Buddy. Then this morning I went to our fourth story window and looked down…. Shadow was standing by the door. What's his problem! I never gave him any food or anything he just started stalking us. Weird.

I think I told you a little about this area… Ermitano is cold, like all of Lima. Not much sun, but a lot of sunburn. Our area is full of Labyrinth and is just like the stairs on Lord of the Rings! It's almost straight up in some parts and the houses are all put together so it feels exactly like a maze most of the time.

This week we've been teaching a girl named Alexandra. We have permission to teach from her mom but her dad is VERY Catholic and believes his daughter has to be Catholic too. He locked away her Book of Mormon, but luckily her Uncle that lives right above her is the Bishop. We left a Book of Mormon in the bishops house so she can read. She's really the best. Alexandra's only 12 but has one of the strongest testimonies I know. Her mom and dad split up because Alexandra wanted to be baptized and the mom was giving her permission. Her parents weren't married in the first place so it was a good thing as far as I'm concerned but what we really want to do is talk with the dad, something we've never done. I guess he leaves really early and gets back at around 11. If it weren't for Bishop, Alexandra and her little brothers would be alone all day! We've been talking to her mom and I have high hopes for her making some life decisions that will help her family. As for Alexandra, she says "The only thing I want right now is to be baptized in the true Church of Jesus Christ".

Well, Independencia has turned out to be a tough little area but we're holding out. I love being close to the offices. It only means I get my letters and little packages with candy every week! YES! And my Zone Leader Elder Barba sitting next to me right now just reminded me it's my 11 months! Kind of sad….. Missionaries run out of time so fast.

Grandma Chiechi!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH good luck with everything and I'll be praying for you and Grandpa. I know everything will be all right. I wish I could be there but just keep being strong.


Elder Layton

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