Monday, May 11, 2009

Physicians in the Name of the Great Physician


Yesterday was the best. I love talking to you guys but it only made me miss you more. I'm doing excellent. All I can think about though right now is how hard we need to work this week. We only have this week to help people get baptized in May. They have to have 2 attendances in church before the actual baptism.

We found an 18 year old young man yesterday named Josmel. It was a reference we recieved the other day. When we went we found out a guy that lives with him is a member and he has old friends that went on missions but lost contact with them. Basically he is GOLDEN. Accepted everything and wants to be baptized. We have several more referencias that seem like sure baptisms.

Theres no way to describe the experience of helping somebody change. It's kind of crazy - we walk into the homes of people three or four times our age and help them come to Christ. Of course they are almost always wiser, smarter, more experienced than us. The difference is that we are the physicians elder Holland spoke about, coming in the name of the Great Physician. I've been out 10 months and I'm definetly NOT a seasoned physician yet, but it feels good to help in every way I can. We HAVE to forget EVERTHING the world's ever taught us. We have to give 24/7 365 twice.

I envy Elder Pullan for being able to be at the MTC when Elder Holland came actually…. But everything Ricky my awesome cousin said is true. So Dad, thank you for telling me about Jordan Hollowell. If I could give him advice I would say that there's nothing more important for him at this time in his life than his mission. Prepare now. Dont wait until the MTC. And have fun too. If I'm not mistaken Jordan and I have the same birthday March 6th? Im not sure. I respect the fact that hes decided to serve. Thank you Jordan.

Ummm….. what more? I LOVE WORKING HARD!!! I was such a lazy kid before my mission. Seriously. We have to work like burros out here, so the sooner a missionary learns to love to work is when the missionary can really enjoy every single experience. The thing is, if you don't work hard you won't be able to enjoy every experience because you most likely won't have them. I love in the Book of Mormon how much it talks about diligence. A lot!

My companion Elder Chan, also known as Jackie Chan is just great. Were on the same page here. He has 16 months in the mission. I really loved President Rau's thought about “Dew from Heaven.” How we can feel the rain on our faces and we know when it is raining, but dew often times comes without our knowing. It's true.

If I didn't answer other questions sorry…. Elder Gomez, my companion from Puente Piedra is from California USA. A gringo bamba. My Mission President's great. Kelsey Costello, Grandma and Grandpa Layton, and my Parents are winning in respect to letters. I LOVE LETTERS! GABE!!!! I'm sending you a letter out soon man. Congrats on getting your mission call. You're an example to me. Don't go on (double) dates with adults.


Elder Sean Ryan Layton

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