Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Unofficial Comprehensive Missionary Handbook

We received a CD with several dozen pictures today. You can view them all by clicking the link at the sidebar on the right. We've taken the liberty to create our own unofficial missionary handbook for current and future missionaries. But we're fairly sure these guidelines are all in the official one somewhere.

As soon as you fly into (or drive into) your area, perform an intial assessment of your new assignment.

If you don't fly in, it helps to find a high vantage point with a great view of your surroundings.

Visit people in their public places.

Visit them in their homes

You've been sent to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to every creature. Sometimes those who have been prepared will live in homes in unusual settings. Don't let that stop you.

If you happen to be assigned to an area with high density housing, you should be able to contact at least twenty people per hour...

...especially if you have good transportation.

...unless you happen to encounter natural barriers from time to time.

You can get to know the locals.

They will come in all shapes, colors and sizes.

Just don't get too close. There will come a time when you are called to go to a new area. Encourage the local members to participate in the process through friendshipping. Missionaries should never allow investigators to become permanantly attached.

No Elder! That's way too close!

Of course, it goes without saying. Don't ever get into a fight. But if you just must, make sure you have the reach advantage. A missionary with a broken jaw will have a hard time teaching.
Eat lots of good healthy food. You'll need the energy.

Here's a little known fact. Missionaries around the world are now encouraged to have pets. Only adopt a pet monkey if it has extremely adorable eyes.

Love all of your companions.

Since you'll be spending lots of time together, you'll want to have bonding time.

You will end up doing just about everything together.

But c'mon...that's just a little weird.

That's better.

Appreciate those who are willing to feed you. Otherwise, you might end up getting on their nerves a little.

Attend all of your zone conferences and other meetings.

Serve the people often and you will grow to love them more deeply.

Some of them will be people you never forget.

If you do these things, the Lord will bless you with lots of success. That's great, but I said, "lots of success".

That's incredible...but I'm talking about A LOT of success.

There you go!

You'll come away with the best feeling in the world.

And there will always be time for relaxing later.

Once a week you'll have a day to relax and take care of personal business. Sometimes you'll just hang out with the other missionaries in your area. They'll always be great friends, even if some of them have questionable taste. (A LONGHORN FAN IN PERU!?!?! GO DUCKS!!!!)

You'll get an occasional chance to keep fit with local sports...

...and try the local cusine.

Even a rare game is allowed.

But of course, after your breather, there's much more work to be done. When all is said and done, you'll look back at the time on your mission and be grateful for the people you've known, the lives you've been a part of, the work that has been accomplished and for the blessings that you have experienced and helped others to experience.

And when the time does come when it's your turn to return home, your life will be forever blessed because you served the Lord with all of your heart, might, mind and strength. It will be time to return to college, career choices and lots of good friends.

In anticipation of that time, the Church has provided parents of current missionaries with the following form. It will quite useful for returned missionaries - especially those who have intentions to return to the "Y". Click to enlarge and if you feel you qualify, print it out and keep it in a secure location until AFTER the return of your favorite missionary.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME! You know, I have to laugh... I sent out like 12 of those "Return Missionary Dating Applications" on my mission. Some things never change... Miss you Sean. Love ya bud.

Hyde Family said...

I love seeing your pictures, what a clever way to document them. I hope Elder Layton is doing well in Lima. My prayer are with him and all our missionaries!
Theresa Hyde

GDR said...

Loved it - how clever, you guys are the best. Sounds like Elder Layton is doing well as usual.

Gwen Rich