Monday, June 29, 2009

I Have Been Called of Him to Declare His Word

Buenos Dias,

How's everything going? Thank you mom for letting me know what's going on. Things have changed a lot by the sound of things. It's just weird that almost everybody's moving on to bigger and better things. Enjoy it now.

I'm doing great mom. Everything is going amazingly. If you want to know a little more about me, let me tell you. I've gained a lot of weight. I'm just about 200 pounds now but as skinny as ever. Hopefully I don't keep up the same rate our I'll come home fat.

What else… I'm learning to be more diligent every day. President gave me a good scripture to study in the interviews this week... 3 Nephi 5:13 . I looked up all the scriptures pertaining to "disciple" and "called" to understand the scripture better. I realized that a major problem in the mission is fear. Fear to give up our lives for the work of the Lord. Fear to follow the word that we've received. I've found that the only way to get rid of fear is to get rid of yourself…or lose yourself. Become a disciple of Christ, just like Jesus was a disciple of His Father.

I baptized Juan Carlos this weekend. He was seriously happy to be baptized, but he's even more excited to go on a mission. Juan Carlos' family is still progressing but have a couple challenges that we'll help them overcome to receive baptism. Baptisms are the greatest.

Also the mission asked us to find a new family this week. We found one! Tomas, Juana, Evelyn, and Kimberly. It's kind of an odd family. Thomas and his wife are well along in years. Thomas is 95. Their daughter Evelyn has a daughter named Kimberly. We invited them to church. They came! We visited them after church and they accepted to be baptized in July. Hopefully everything goes perfectly. We have to SHOUT THE LESSONS BECAUSE THOMAS CAN'T HEAR ALMOST ANYTHING. But it's cool.

Last week we made a title of liberty as a zone and the sisters in our zone took it home. Of course when it came back it was completely changed and pretty looking but that`s what you'd expect from sisters. Today for pday we're going to climb the highest mountain/hill nearby (which is really high) and take a picture with it. All the Zones are doing it for a surprise for President Perez.

Well, I'm still being happy. My friends send me candy. Like chocolate, and gummy worms, and the most creative things. I know I haven't been that good about sending things to you guys…but I'm busy. Just know I know who loves me…haha.

Gracias amigos, les amo,

Elder Layton

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