Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Update on Gabe West

Gabe West, the young man mentioned in the last post, has made a turn for the better. Although definitely not out of the woods yet, the signs are becoming more encouraging. The family has a website found at where the latest updates are posted on a fairly regular basis. This is from the last post.

"Once again, Gabe has shown us how much he loves life by his will to fight to live. Tuesday evening he started trying to communicate with us and the staff. This morning there were signs of much improved awareness as he began mouthing words and wanted to have answers to questions like "What happened to me?, When can the tube be removed from my throat?, and When can I go home?" He is able to express his wishes through nods of the head and hand signals. He tells us when he wants to be turned, when he's uncomfortable or when he is tired.
His obvious improvement has eliminated the need for another EEG test. The neurologist is pleased with the progress he sees. His exact words were "I'm so happy I was wrong."

Gabe's personality is shining through with gusto. He is definitely still here. We have explained to him how many people have visited him and prayed, fasted, and expressed love to him and our family. We have no doubt that you all have been instrumental in this miracle that we are witnessing.

We have to be honest with you that Gabe is still a very sick young man, but we are enjoying this triumphant moment. At this point in the game, the doctors have told us that anything can happen, but we are so happy to have this time with him.

The ICU staff has advised us that because now his body is fighting this infection and trying to get well on its own, we have to limit his visits to family only because the most important thing for him at this time is rest, so he can heal. Now that his body is able to do some of the work of healing, he is less dependent on the machines. We know that being unable to visit now that he is responding is difficult for all of you who want to see him, but we hope you'll understand that this is only for his best interest.

There have been many acts of service and kindness that you have performed on our family's behalf. Many more of you have expressed a desire to do SOMETHING. The greatest "something" that you can do is to keep praying. We understand the feeling of helplessness at times like these when we want to do something, but don't know what to do. Tracey Bryan is coordinating efforts on our behalf. She can guide as to our needs. You can reach her at 633-7558.
There are not adequate words to express how much we appreciate all the many ways you have served and supported us through yet another difficult challenge in Gabriel's life. We love all of you and will try to keep you updated as often as we can on Gabe's condition. We have heard there are lots of rumors out there as everyone discusses their concerns for Gabe. Please share this web site with anyone who would like to keep abreast of Gabe's progress."

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