Monday, October 19, 2009

My Heavenly Father Saved Her and She Made It Through

Dear Home,

We've been working hard. I'm excited cause I'm staying here in Puente Piedra for my third change in a row. Now I'm District Leader and have another kid. His name's Yaez and I don't know where he's from. Well.... he's from the CCM (MTC in Peru). Of course I'll be doing baptism interviews, a little more paperwork, and I'll have a district, but we'll still keep up the area and help all these people.

I'm excited too cause with Elder Martelo we found an awesome house far from the hill, still close to the pension, bigger and less money. The place we're in doesn't even have a real door...haha. At least now I won't be cold at night.

This change has been the best. With Elder Martelo we didn't complete our goal for this change, but with did complete the goal I had with Elder Moreira last change. This week we had the baptism of Oscar, Kevin, and Jazmin. They were excited to finally get baptized. The baptism was good.

Everything's been going more smoothly lately. Javier Zorrilla (Husband of Beatriz, father of John, Dalma, and Angel) came to church yesterday. We visited him in the night and he accepted a baptism date for the 14th of November... haha. Kind've far, but he's going out of town this week. He's the only one that needs to be baptized to complete the family. I'm grateful for the blessings of having families in this time.

I was studying the scriptures this week. I'm almost done with Doctrine and Covenants in Spanish (I've never read all of it in English haha) but I was also reading in the Book of Mormon. I'd like to share something I read in Moroni 6:8 But as oft as they repented and sought forgiveness, with real intent, they were forgiven. God can save us if only we repent. But the most important, we must seek it. They sought forgiveness. It won't just come to us if we go to church, or read the scriptures to read. We actually have to be diligent in living the gospel, and actually searching forgiveness. It`s hard because it`s easier to not search. It`s easier to be passive than aggressive, but I know the Lord will bless us as we sacrifice what we have. If we sacrifice a little bit of TV time in the night to search the scriptures, sacrifice a little bit of energy saying fervent prayers always, and sacrificing our own pride to follow the Lord. This is what you must do. yeah

Two nights ago after the baptism we went to an appointment but the people weren't there. We left back in the direction of the church when we heard screaming. Not just any was screams like someone was dying. We went up to the house where we could here several voices yelling and everything. I knocked on the door. Someone answered it and let us in. Right in front of us there was a girl about my age having a heart attack on the ground on her back. I didn't even ask or anything I just knew that nothing else mattered. I opened up my consecrated oil and anointed her head and Elder Martelo gave the blessing. My Heavenly Father saved her and she made it through. After the blessing Elder Martelo fanned her with air and I just kept my fingers on her pulse until she got better. Her family was very thankful that we heard their cries I'm just grateful to the Lord we were there. I know the Lord works miracles.

Nana: At BYU I lost several papers like that.... SAVE AS!


Elder Layton

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