Monday, January 18, 2010

Baptisms of Joaquin, Katy and Hermette


Soooo. The Computers today turned off in the middle of our weekly informe (report) to president and the assistants.... so this will be short even though I feel like writing forever. I knew Elder Rich would get married right away.

(At this point in the letter, he shares a story that I can't share publicly...but pretty crazy stuff. It was about 90% of the email however.)

I just want to tell you that I love yous. I'm doing very well here. Also one of the missionaries in my zone had to go to the hospital yesterday so we visited him. He couldn't breathe...which is really crazy. We were in church when it happened so we had to leave. The best thing though is that we had 3 baptisms and confirmations. Katy and Joaquin, brother and sister got baptized. We're going to work with their family. They're awesome. Also we baptized an old lady named Hermette.

I love the work!!!


Elder Layton


Bubalita said...

Hi Elder, You have a very interesting site, I am making a study about judaism and I would like your opinion about it, could you please give me your opinion in my blog?

Here is my blog:

Thanks so much, and have a wonderful day!!!

Don said...

Hello Bubalita,

I've written to my son and let him know about your request. He doesn't actually have anything to do with the Blog itself. We take his letters and publish them here for friends, family and anyone else who wants to read them.

My personal thoughts on Judaism is that the it is fascinating. The Jews have one of the most interesting and challenging histories in our planet's history.

Thank you for stopping by, and feel free to come back anytime.

Don Layton