Monday, January 25, 2010

Teaching By Example


Everything I told you in that letter was true.... believe me I know.

Okay before I forget!!! Hopefully you haven't done it yet. I want to room with Elder Nathan Stewart and Elder Cope (who knows Elder Stewart).... I have the number of Elder Cope....but I forgot it in my room...ahhh. Nathan Rau of course! And also my companion wants to room with us. He's going to apply to BYU soon and he'll get in and everything. His name's Giancarlos Rodriguez. He'll be calling dad in a couple weeks to get into contact. By the time school starts he'll speak English don't worry. (Okay, I know my Spanish is a little rusty, but c'mon.) What's your phone number dad?

Okay....send me what I need to do with all that stuff asap and I'll get permission from President if there's anything I need to do. Thanks!

This week was great!!! We baptized a single mother named Roxana! Her brother got off the mission 2 months ago we call him El Chino so he baptized her. She was honestly really happy. We have other baptism dates and everything so we're still baptizing. Our zone's doing better. We had the only baptism this week here in Independencia but the zone has other dates really soon.

Yesterday we had a lesson with a man named Jose. It was a lesson kind've different than normal. It was a reference from a member of the church but I had heard a lot about him before because we always teach the recent convert next door. I think he's broken about every commandment you can think of ( I won`t go into details). We taught a lesson purely on repentance. I had him read Alma 27-30 and of course we explained it as he read. This is when Alma is calling the people to repentance and tells them some of the things they must do. What is our hope. What our fears are if we don't repent. In the end of the lesson he told us he really wants to change. His daughter doesn't want to get baptized mostly because he told her not to. Now he feels bad cause she's going to parties and everything and he sees his mistake.

I shared with him something that Albert Einstein taught. Example isn't another way to teach. It is the ONLY way to teach. I told him that the only way he can really help his daughter is by showing her what to do by his own example.

Well, I'm still helping my companion not be trunkie. No, joke, he's doing great.


Elder Layton


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Well...thank you. I'm not sure exactly what language that is, but it appears to be Chinese (Mandarin?). Please come back anytime.

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