Monday, February 8, 2010

Everyday I'm Learning How to Be a Better Child of God


How's everyone? This week has been great. We're being very blessed. You remember the Earls right? The gringo couple from Utah in my zone. They're still working on the Spanish. Not completely fluent yet.... but on Wednesday I went out with them all day to help out. I taught them how to do the numbers and everything because it' not like they have a senior companion to teach them everything. We worked on the grammar a bit and taught several families.

They also came with us to an appointment yesterday that was a reference they gave us,'s an absolutely great family. They're the Galazar family....and it's a big family. Honestly I felt the spirit incredibly strong during the lesson. We taught the restauration with the help of the Earls. They taught the first principles and everything. What I like about this family is that they were paying a lot of attention. We left a Book of Mormon and everything and invited them to read and pray so we'll see what happen in our return visit.

Peru is getting to feel more like home... I really can't imagine the states anymore. That's weird.

Haha, I can't believe you found my passport! I looked for a week for that thing! About rooming, I can't find the info to Elder Stewart and Cope.....they were in my mission but they went back to their real mission in Bolivia. I'm not sure if they're done or about to get done but they definitely have more time than I do. So....if you can't get a hold of them, the most important is just get a room with Nate. Something cool south of campus is what I'm thinking. My companion will call in a couple of weeks. He's ending his mission the 24th of Feb. What else...

Tell Eileen I say hi. (My voice teacher.) I would do lessons again if I have a little time before school. I'm planning on getting relatively involved there at BYU. I have no clue what yet, but you'll see. Tell Logan I say hi when he comes home. I miss you all very much. Today we're going to go throw water balloons, play soccer, and have a BBQ. Very cool.

I'll just add that I really know the Church of Jesus Christ is true. Everyday I'm learning how to be a better child of God, and through constant prayer and scripture study we can do it better. It's so important to be constant. Like Elder Bednar talked about in one of his conference talks. If you were to ask his kids how were the scripture studies they wouldn't tell you it was exactly spectacular. They fought at times and didn't always learn a ton, but what they would tell you is that they were constant. They never missed a day of family prayer, or a night of scripture study. For that they've been blessed. They did what was necessary to overcome the temptation the rise up every day in our lives.

Have a good day!!!!

Elder Layton


Adrienne said...

Just a suggestion... I've really liked living at Raintree 4-6 person apartments. 260-320 rent. Or Branbury 280-year round rent 4 person private rooms. Love it. Neither of them are south of campus though like he wants. South of campus I've found is a bit more ghetto.

Don said...

Thanks Adrienne,

I'm going to share this and a couple of other emails I've received with Sean this Monday in our weekly email. I also want to see what the Rau's plan on doing with Nate. I appreciate your input.