Monday, February 22, 2010

The Mad Monkey, A New Companion, and More Succcess


(We read on another missionary Blog that one of the monkeys left with the pensionista in Pucallpa had died. Worried that it might have been the one that Elder Layton left, I did some checking...not the same monkey. It turns out that Elder Layton's monkey is alive and well...other than the fact that it won't let anyone hold him. Below, Sean gives us his theory as to why the thing is so disagreeable.

To start out I'd just like to say that first off, my monkey is angry because he just feels lonely and scared because I've been away from him so long. Of course he's still alive and healthy because he eats well, thank goodness. I heard he needs a passport to come home with me... how much is a monkey license anyway?

This week has been great. I'm tired but in a good way. Actually I'm just tired of sitting down typing stuff. Today we have to do a report of all the converts in the zone for 1 year which will take a long time. It's my first time doing it, because the last time they did it was in September. It's fun!

Yesterday my companion and I talked in church along with the missionary Joel Vasquez that just got home. I talked about prayer and my companion about repentance.

On Saturday we had two baptisms!!! Martha and Jhonny!!! Martha was really happy. It took two attempts to baptize her but she left the water beaming. Her whole family was there and they all were way happy. She's an older woman but she does have a boyfriend that lives in another part we're teaching. He has to get divorced first before they can get married.

Jhonny Guzman on the other hand has had his eyes set on getting baptized for a couple weeks now. He also knows that he's going to serve a faithful mission in a couple years. But I've also given notice during our lessons with him that he has his eyes set out on something else. A girl. Not just any girl. The daughter of our bishop! It was actually the constant texts he was getting during our lessons that sparked my interest. Anyway, it was very "precious", 'cause after the baptism she went over to congratulate him and they shared a nice long hug together. But I'm glad he was baptized for the right reasons.

My new companions name is ELDER GARNICA!!!! His brother's also in our mission, but he's ending along with my companion Elder Rodriguez. I knew his brother very well. I was in the same zone as him many times. But the Garnica that`s going to be my companion i don't know very well. He's cool im sure! So that's all I know... of course I'm staying here in INDEPENDENCIA!!!! This month we have a goal to beat this zones record. Independencia's overall record is 33 confirmations as a zone in one month.... which of course is extremely low for the mission, but I know we can do it.

Well, that's all the time I have to write. I would like to add a thought....but maybe I could just add an invitation. That's better. Read your scriptures. Say your prayers.

Have a wonderful week!!! I love you Mom, Dad, Nana, Eric, Curtis, Grandpa y Grandma Chiechi/Layton, Uncles/Aunts, Cousins, Nephew (Christies baby), and all my great friends!


Elder Layton


Anonymous said...

A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour..............................................

Don said...

How true. May we all find happiness, wherever the road may take us.