Monday, March 29, 2010

The Baptism of Renzo Milla

I`m not going to be able to write very much because the internet place didn't open up until 10 and we were waiting outside for an hour to do informes (reports).

How are you? We had a great week! Renzo Milla was baptized. I'm sure his older brother's going to be really happy. Yes, we had a great time at the temple, and yes I got my birthday package which was perfect!!! We broke open the glow sticks and we threw glow goop all over the walls which was a perfect addition to the glow in the dark stars on our ceiling at night.

We set three new baptism dates with some young men. Yesterday we were up on one of the tallest hills and all the appointments fell through so we decided to just contact everyone. We found a married family with kids which was the best! We're going back on Wednesday to teach them so we'll see what happens.

So my pension Rosio had to move out. The people above us and below us all got in a fight. One night when we were coming home we got caught up in the middle of it....well, let's just say we had to run and stuff....and the police came....haha, but that sounds worse than it really was, kind've. But don`t worry, we went up to our room and we`re perfectly safe! So Rosio lives up on the hill with all her family (the Vasquez family). She comes down to give us breakfast and dinner every day until the 1st of the month. Then we`re changing pensions and we`re going to eat with the Vicera family. Brother Vicera is 1st counselor of the stake presidency and they`re one of my favorite families ever! They only live two blocks away. A little farther than downstairs but it`ll make do.

I love you mucho!!!!


Elder Layton

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