Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Mission Clothed in White

Good afternoon!!!!!!

We went to the temple today which was the best!, since we weren't able to go last change. We arranged with a member to come pick up the zone in a bus. On the way to the temple the tire blew out. We got off and took a smaller bus after 30 minutes. Then the member “repaired” the bus and came to pick us up at the temple. On the way home the same tire blew out again haha. Sooo, we took another bus to come here, to write you heehee. Apart from that this week was absolutely amazing. We had a ton of experiences and 4 baptisms!!! Here are the people that were baptized this week.

Julia Ocaña – She's the sister of Naylu that got baptized 2 weeks back. Her testimony in the baptism was amazing. She started crying when she started telling everyone how much she wants her entire family to come to the church. Right now she has a lot of challenges with her boyfriend because he`s not to happy about her decision but she's happier than ever.

Yomira Davalos - Yomira the the next door neighbor of Julia. The both of them have been going to seminary so that`s where we received the references from the missionaries.

Wendy Varas – She's a young adult, the niece of Jose Varas a returned missionary. She showed up in church a couple weeks back so we visited her and she had a ton of desires to change her life. Her mom didn't give her permission at first, but after a couple times talking with her we told her to pray to let her mother understand and after talk with her. She did and in the following visit she was all excited cause her mom signed the permission slip. It was cool cause her mom traveled from really far (Wendy doesn't live with her mom, she lives with her uncle) to go to the baptism.

Katy Escobar – The older sister of Roxanna! Finally, after so much time she finally went through with it. She was smiling the entire time in church. To complete the entire family only the dad and another sister who always works on Sunday is left. The dad can't talk but the main challenge is that he's never there!

We're not just baptizing women. We have Renzo Milla that`s getting baptized on Saturday. Renzo is the little brother of Elder John Milla that's serving in the Peru Lima Central Mission. We teaching the entire family. His parents got married and everything, but the parents still won't accept baptism dates!!! Their son is getting back on April 7, 2010....soooo two weeks. The crazy thing is was that I told sister Antonia Milla, hey do you have pictures of your son, because I know some Elders in Mission Central. The first picture she showed me was of her son Elder Milla and his companion, Zac Ingersol! One of my roommates from BYU. That`s so insane, the Mormon world is so small!

Also for April 3rd Joesph and Jose both have baptism dates. The were also references of one of my favorite families in the mission. The Chavez Family. Willy Chavez is a young man preparing to go on a mission and he was actually in Puente Piedra with me on a mini mission for several months. I went on splits with him a couple times, and I also knew him from when I was in Ermitaño the ward next door. Sooo, Willy`s mother gave us those two awesome references. Josef (19 years old) had listened to missionaries 5 years ago and was completely prepared for us.....he was basically just waiting all this time.

So it`s true about the talent show. But I wouldn't say it was really that funny. I suppose I more-likely bored the audience doing the skit of our special drink Larnica (Layton, Garnica). We had a lot of other stuff planned as a zone but everyone was late to get there so we started a little late and everybody knows missionaries have curfews. I could do the elephant skit though. Maybe I'll send the video one day. The best thing though is that we received a lot of references, and there were several investigators there!

I'm just grateful for all these experiences we're having. I can't take any credit for our success, because it`s only been miracles honestly. I feel extremely blessed that the Lord has even permitted me to be here....to let me work in His vineyard in these last days. I'm blessed because of the testimony that I have of this work... that I know without any doubt that it's true. Apart of the Book of Mormon I have a testimony of the doctrine and the truth of the church and of living prophets. I have a huge testimony of the love of our Savior Jesus Christ. I have a testimony of the Holy Ghost. These things I bear my witness and I do not lie, God bearing witness. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the Lord's church. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Layton

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