Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Brisa Baptism + Jhonny Guzman's Progress + Tons of Investigators = Perfect Week


My nephew Trace is a studd. 6 months old today. Thanks Christie for the pictures!

This week has been perfect! We baptized another Brisa....this time Brisa Quispe. It was a great baptism. We're teaching her mother but first she has to get married. We've never actually met the husband because he's never at home, but Brisas mom Pilar is progressing. She went to see the confirmation of Brisa yesterday and everything. We had a ton of investigators in the church yesterday actually so I'm excited about that.

I'm officially older than 2 decades....which is kind've depressing-exciting. I did eat cake though...a lot of it. They have the wonderful tradition here of shoving the entire cake into your face, and then taking pictures.... crazy Peruvians, crazy Vasquez Family!!! Yes, I'll get you the pics haha...

That's cool you saw Katie Maloney. The last time I saw her was in the Bend High prom when I went with Valerie Sutton. I think my freshman year I just disappeared without telling anybody I was changing schools, which is really funny, I think.

I had another amazing experience yesterday. You can't imagine what it feels like to go on splits with one of your converts. Jhonny Guzman went with me again yesterday and everything, and even though he only has a little more than a month as member he teaches really well. He likes reading the Book of Mormon in his spare time...apart from practicing Taekwondo, haha.

Jhonny's had a really hard life. Right before he was baptized, he lived with his parents. They never were really there anyway, but lots of times at the ends of the weeks his dad would come home drunk wanting to punch something, so you can imagine that Jhonny got in the way sometimes. Being 17 years old he decided to move in with his aunt and cousins who are all active members of the church and that`s where I found him. He was ready to have a better life!

Being a missionary is the best. I'm being blessed every day with tons of experencias. I know my letters are so full of exciting details too. It`s my strong point. I'm sure I'll get my birthday package this week! Kelsey I'll see you in BYU!

Nos vemos familia, los amo mucho!!!

Elder Layton

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