Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Super Drink

I just got off the phone with Elder Wiler. Elder Wiler is the secretary to the President in the Lima Peru North Mission. We were able to take care of some business. Then Elder Wiler told me...

"Elder Layton's my zone leader. He's a good Elder...really funny. Last night they *Elder Layton and Elder Garnica) did a talent show."

I asked what they did. He responded:

"They did a skit. They were both wearing knee shorts so the lower parts of their legs were visible. He and his companion made a super drink. It gave super strength to whoever drank it. It was called Lanica. They called it Lanica because of their names.

They told the audience that the drink was made from a couple of secret ingredients from the United States and Bolivia. (Elder Garnica is from Bolivia.) Then the audience was invited to come up and taste this incredible super drink. Lots of people did.

Finally, they asked the audience if anyone could guess what the secret ingredients were. There were a few guesses but they were all wrong. Finally the Elders (who were each only wearing one sock during the skit) reached down into the large glasses and pulled out their missing socks."

Pretty good stuff.

We miss our son.

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