Monday, April 19, 2010

I Can Finally See the Stars

Hello my far away family!!!

So Barranca`s still just as awesome. I can finally see the stars. In Lima and the Jungle it seemed like there was always cloud cover. So, Lupe and Walter seem to be good to go for this Saturday. We`re still working away. Eating pizza, raviolis, and chocolate milk….it`s a hard life.
Today I don`t have that much time to write. There`s places here in my area in the middle of nowhere. We contacted a guy with two tattooed tear drops below his eye which supposedly means he`s killed two people…. He graciously rejected a visit from us, but we set a baptism date with his neighbor but sadly he didn`t go to church so we`ll see… I heard that Joel got baptized back in Independencia, and also a girl we contacted with Garnica named Jackie and her sister have baptism dates. I miss Elder Garnica. My new companion Elder Santillan is cool too. The people are a lot different here so we`re still kind`ve adjusting to the way we teach.
We`re 10 missionaries in my zone. They`re all very good missionaries. I`m the only Gringo which makes things just more fun for me. Today we`re watching a movie with the whole zone in the church with the projector. Last Monday we went to the beach and played soccer. There was also a lighthouse and a giant Jesus Christ statue with his arms stretched out!
We were helping a less active family the other day for a little bit. They were having problems and were even talking about divorce, but we taught them about the triangle. Heavenly Father is at the top and a husband and wife are at the other ends. As each one draws closer to God they draw closer to each other. They understood that maybe they were lacking several things in their lives and need to live the gospel even more to find a greater happiness together. They`re going to go to church next Sunday which is a good start.

Well, I have to be going. I`ll write more next week. Thanks for everything! Fight the good fight.
Elder Layton

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