Monday, April 5, 2010

On to Beautiful Barranca

Dearest Family and Friends,

I give my thanks to everyone that has helped me grow here in the mission. I especially thank you mom and dad and Aunt Angie, Uncle Byron and ALL of the family for sending me awesome packages that brighten my day and lift my sights with all the fun toys and candy. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Chiechi for everything you do and Grandma and Grandpa Layton for sending me a letter every week.

Personally I enjoyed Elder Rasbands talk in General Conference in the priesthood session. He described his personal experience of how the missionaries are called to their respective mission. Listening to that experience and his whole talk gave me the strong impression that I've been called here to Peru and without any doubt I know that the Lord wanted me to come here. The experiences are so amazing.

I'm sad right at this point because I'll be leaving Independencia on Wednesday and I have to leave everyone... but I also know without a doubt that the Lord knows my thoughts. Out of the 15 different Zones in my mission there`s only one place I could go out of Lima that's NOT the jungle!!! I'm going to Barranca to finish up my mission!!! I've seen pictures and it's absolutely beautiful. I get to take a bus for 3 hours up north and my new companion's name is Elder Santillan. He was a Señor companion in my zone just two changes back, left our zone as District Leader for two changes, so now I'll be training another Zone leader, but this time for a different mission! Cause I heard that the Elders going up to Barranca are going to be part of the new Peru Lima West when I leave!

My daddy in the mission Elder Acevedo ended his mission about a month back and was called in his new district as Branch President! For some reason I can`t imagine a 21 year-old returned missionary leading a branch of 120 active members. The Lord trusts young people a lot more than I thought. I'm sure he'll divide the branch (there is a little something there lost in the translation.)

It was so amazing this weekend. We baptized Josef Later on Saturday and confirmed him the same day with the permission of Bishop Garcia. Right after the baptism he attended the Priesthood session of conference and honestly I couldn't feel happier watching him listen to a prophet of God right in the moment he had made his first covenant and had received the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

Sooo, I guess I have to ask permission to do my classes and everything. I thought I could wait a little but Ill get right on it. I want to mejor (major) in Chemistry (we're thinking that he still wants to be a Dentist) and I'll be trying out for Men`s Choir so sign me up! I need to take all the classes for Chem mejor and I only want about 14 credits. Also I want to take some basic French classes. Don't laugh I'm serious. Jáime parle francés.

So this is for Nana (who was asked to speak in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday about the blessings that have come to Elder Layton and all of us because of his mission): Before my mission I had a lot of my priorities messed up but now I know that the Lord can guide our lives and loves us. We have to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm a lot different now cause I work harder, I know how to be happier, and I want to serve the Lord.

Tengan una buena semana,

Elder Layton

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