Monday, April 26, 2010

We're Praying Really Hard

Dear Family and Friends,

So this week was the BEST!!! Walter and Lupe were baptized and confirmed I will send you pictures very soon! They are the best. Now their entire family is going to church and Walter left drinking and everything. The zone is also doing very well. We met with the document secretary from city hall the other day to organize a civil wedding. We`re friends with the mayor here so he helps us out. We found a family to marry too! We need a total of 10 families to make it completely FREE! So we`re praying really hard, and crossing our fingers that all the missionaries can find enough families by MAY 7th.
Today we`re going to play soccer and basketball!

So Curtis is doing a project on black holes…. I LOVE BLACK HOLES. Gravity on earth is 9.8 meters per second (32 feet per second) because the earth is relatively small. The larger something is, or the more mass something has, the greater the gravity. A black hole has so much mass that the speed of gravity in a black hole is greater than the speed of light. Imagine that! The speed of light is something like 300,000 KILOMETROS PER SECOND, and anything in a black hole falls faster than that. That`s why it appears as if it`s a hole in space, because we only see light. That`s for you Curtis.

Well, this week we had a ton of experiences finding new people. We`re getting to know the family of Margarita. Margarita is getting baptized on May 8th and she`s being really strong because she`s getting teased by a lot of her friends and family for changing from Catholic to LDS. Honestly her attitude is the greatest. Yesterday she told us, “I`m going through with this. I prayed like you Elders told me and there`s nothing that can change my mind, even though my sister has doubts about everything.” Her sister Zoila had a baptism date but doesn`t want to get married which is sad and now is starting to have doubts about the church and everything, but I`m sure the example of her sister will help. Margarita has 3 kids. We`ve only met one, a young women who escaped from us teaching her haha…

Well that`s about it , everything is going great. Thanks for your prayers. I hope everything`s going good with you all. I`d love to hear from everyone.
Su amigo,

Elder Layton

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