Monday, June 21, 2010

To Me, God Is a God of Miracles

Like Father...

Like Son...
Good Morning!!! Buenos Dias!!!

It's getting way to close for comfort.  I hope that my small experiences I've had have somehow helped some of you, because I`ve been blessed personally by them.  For those who really know me know I'm not exactly the best storyteller in the world so I know my letters haven't done justice to what I've really experienced here in Peru.  I would like to testify of the miracles I've seen throughout these two years.  One time I heard that for God, there are no miracles because he comprehends all things.  He's brought to pass all these things.  He's given me the strength to open my mouth, to work, to understand, to baptize.  So to me, God is a God of miracles.   I don't understand how the people I've known have changed, I don't understand why I’ve been blessed with faithful parents and a beautiful family, I don't understand why I have to leave the mission, and I definitely don't understand how God has brought to pass so many miracles in my life and the lives of others. 
Our testimony is so important for each one of us, because it can help us serve diligently our Heavenly Father. 
“yea, we believe all the words which thou hast spoken unto us, and also, we know of their surety and truth, because of the spirit of the Lord Omnipotent, which has wrought a mighty change in us, as in our hearts, that we have no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually
We had the baptism of Mabel Oviedo this week.  In the baptism service Lupe, the mother of Mabel, gave her testimony of how happy she is to see her entire family entire the waters of baptism.  Last week Valentina had to reschedule her baptism for Tuesday.  She knows Thursday`s my last day in Barranca and I’m glad she chose Tuesday!  Last night we had a family night with the Oviedo Cornelio family.  We watched the testaments.  Lupe had invited her mom to come and also a niece that lives in another part of Peru.  They were all crying at the end of the movie and then we taught them about the Book of Mormon.  It was very spiritual for all of us… maybe cause I was just about to cry, or maybe because I just felt happy to be there and not anywhere else. 
This is off topic-
What am I going to do what I go home?  I'm not ready for this…. Work, hang out with Nate, go on visits with the missionaries, ahhh!  I wonder if I'm tan relatively speaking?  Of course when I go back to Oregon I might turn completely pale again… what else.  The food!  I want to eat a Wendy's Big BaconClassic and dip the fries in the frosty!!!Honestly I'll miss the Peruvian food here a ton- more the love put into the food than the food itself...
Things I won't miss:  ticks, drunks chasing after me, and public urination
Things I WILL miss:  THE PERUVIANS!!!, being “elder”, teaching the gospel to everybody, being in a place where things are simpler, having experiences in the mission, paying almost nothing for something, not having to choose what clothes to wear, the jungle, my monkey!!
So President Gonzalez is now the 1st counselor in our branch and yesterday he asked me to give my testimony in Sacrament meeting because it was my last Sunday in Barranca.  I talked about fathers, and the mission work.  It made me remember the talk before the mission but this time I actually knew what I was talking about more or less. 
Well, I love you all very much I'm still working like normal, pray for the Peruvians, see you soon,
Elder Layton


Hyde Family said...

It is amazing to read their last few letters and know the changes that have been made in their lives. Thanks for letting us share this experience with you. This has been an incredible experience.

Theresa Hyde

Tn said...

My home have a small horse,haha,,,your post make me remebered my hometown.